Bryte insurance practitioners underwrite Southern African regional and South African domestic property risks for large corporate customers; ensuring they are protected against loss or damage to buildings, machinery and stock assets as well as against consequential business interruption.

Our offering:

  • We offer coverage for domestic and regional property risks, business interruptions, and engineering as well as inland transit exposures.
  • A full range of coverage extensions and enhancements.
  • We are able to customise all risk policy wording to suit our customers but can also work with standard market all risk policy wording.
  • We write on a coinsurance basis as lead underwriter or strong coinsurer, but also on primary, excess of loss or reinsurance basis.
  • We are committed to a fair and transparent underwriting and pricing process. Bryte’s pricing is based on the distinct features of each location. Our trusted underwriters use their extensive experience to determine risk analysis and pricing.
  • We expect our corporate customers to retain frequency losses within their retention. Bryte’s actuarial team will assist customers with appropriate retention levels.
  • Our risk engineering employees assess our customers’ risks. This can be done through desktop assessment of third party risk information, but it is preferable that our engineers conduct this assessment on site. Detailed risk assessments and, if required, risk improvement recommendations are provided.
  • Trust, integrity and a sense of alliance are essential to all Bryte relationships. Although we have the advantage of history and experience on our side, we are also known as captains of the industry, always seeking to apply simple solutions to complex issues and in turn, bring the most value to our esteemed customers.

We service most classes of business in the South African economy. Our specialities are within the following industries:

  • Financial institutions
  • Telecommunications and media
  • Construction
  • Beverages
  • Metalworking
  • Electronics and electrical
  • General manufacturing
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • General retail
  • Medical and scientific profession
  • Utilities and metropolitan municipalities

Download the Bryte Specialised Property Insurance brochure here