FAIS Disclosure

As a supplier of insurance products and in compliance with the FAIS General Code of Conduct, Bryte discloses the following information:
Bryte Insurance Company Limited
Authorised Financial Services Provider Number: 17703
FAIS Licence Information: Categories: Personal & Commercial Lines

Claims Procedure for Insured

If you would like to submit a claim, please contact your intermediary directly (if applicable, as indicated in your policy disclosure notice). Alternatively, consult the Bryte contact indicated on your policy disclosure notice, or dial +27 (0) 11 370 9111 to obtain the necessary contact details.

If you are dissatisfied with the way your claim is being handled, please contact the Bryte contact indicated above.

If you have any other non-claim-related complaints, please contact your intermediary (if applicable, as indicated in your policy disclosure notice). Alternatively, contact the Manager of the Sales Office, as indicated in your policy disclosure notice.

Other contact details

Compliance Department

The FAIS Compliance Officer
Bryte Insurance Company Limited
Legal and Compliance Department
PO Box 61489, Marshalltown 2107
Telephone +27 (0) 11 370 9111
Facsimile +27 (0) 11 370 9910
Email fais@brytesa.com

Short-Term Insurance Ombudsman

The Short-Term Ombudsman
PO Box 32334, Braamfontein 2017
Telephone +27 (0) 11 726 8900
Facsimile +27 (0) 11 726 5501
Website www.osti.co.za

FAIS Ombudsman

The FAIS Ombudsman
Baobab House, Eastwood Office Park, Lynwood Road, Pretoria, 0081
Telephone +27 (0) 12 470 9080
Facsimile +27 (0) 86 611 7589
Email info@faisombud.co.za
Website www.faisombud.co.za

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Management Policy