Up the river with no paddle?

Riaan Manser and a rookie adventurer rowed across the Atlantic Ocean into the unknown with Bryte in the Odyssey Row Series

“For SA business and adventurers alike it’s all about approaching risk with purpose” said Nicholas Francis, Chief Marketing Officer of Bryte. This is why Bryte chose to partner with explorer Riaan Manser and sponsor the Bryte Odyssey Row Series.

In the six-part series scheduled to air on M-net Channel 101, viewers will witness the journey of ten ordinary South Africans, with episodes set to dictate footage and commentary from the contestants while treading the Atlantic Ocean. The journey culminates in an epic journey for one of the ten contestants, selected as the winner, to trek across the great Atlantic with Manser.

“Bryte saw similarities in what is seen as insurmountable risks at sea, with the same dynamic that SA businesses are facing” said Francis.

Bryte understands that achieving great successes, both in business and in life, in today’s intense and pressure-prone world is seldom a straightforward process. Instead, it is fraught with the risk of the unknown. The Odyssey Row Series is our way of paying homage to this plight.

“Although I’m proud of all my other journey’s, this one has me choked up in anticipation. I think we’ve got something special in the Odyssey concept. So we’d love to see how we can do this internationally and give someone the same opportunity” said Manser.

“The partnership came about as a result of us understanding the simple truth that life isn’t about avoiding risk, but facing it with calculated perception, insight and action. We believe that businesses’ travel in unchartered territories and, for us at Bryte, it’s about partnering with our customers to help them approach risk with purpose”, said Francis.