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Edwyn O’Neill
CEO Bryte Insurance

CEO Foreword

Dear Business Partner

I hope you and your loved ones are all keeping well during these difficult times and finding more effective ways to adapt to this ongoing crisis. The past eight months have been a test like no other. We have all lost in different ways – some more than others. To those who may have had to deal with the heart-breaking loss of a family member, friend or colleague to COVID-19, our deepest sympathies to you. We wish you continued strength.

In spite of the unfortunate and overwhelming challenges we face, our only option is to persist.

Our role as architects

Reflecting on the year that was, this edition will hopefully plant a seed in all of our minds about our fast-changing roles in these unprecedented times and beyond. For intermediaries, this time demands a renewed outlook on what it truly means to be #RiskReady – both for your own business and that of your clients – and what it takes to continue to remain relevant as you navigate heightened emotions and unpredictable circumstances.

Sadly, there is no secret formula but there are some things we can all do to stay ahead of the curve, leverage technology, partnerships, data and insights effectively and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of our mutual clients. We hope you find the advice and trends referenced herein to be of value as you plan ahead.

Virtual(ly) the same opportunities

The shift towards a digitised future had been a key topic of conversation for the longest time, and now – almost overnight – this pandemic has accelerated the need for technological advancement. We have all engaged in many firsts as we began a different type of discovery of the virtual realm.

This journey of discovery has come with many frustrations and some hilarious moments as we experimented but more so, with a host of empowering opportunities, for which we are very grateful. For a business that is deeply invested in face-to-face interaction, it has been quite the adjustment engaging in some large-scale virtual engagements – internally and externally (from virtual townhalls to webinars and training) – with great success.

Given the current situation, the expanded use of virtual platforms will continue however, we remain available for any face-to- face discussions with you, prospective clients and our mutual clients.

Pause and reflect

Despite the challenges we may have faced this year, we have also celebrated a few victories, which we reemphasise in this edition. We also touch on some developments anticipated in 2021, which will be communicated to you in greater detail, in due course.

As always, I hope that this edition will spark some interesting discussions amongst us. If you have any thoughts on other trends or developments worth exploring, please feel free to engage with us.

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed end to the year and much success in 2021. Keep healthy, stay safe.


Brytest regards,

Edwyn_name only

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