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Risk and challenges are natural occurrences in any business, presenting both anticipated and unexpected stumbling blocks. But, how we deal with these determines whether we stagnate or prosper, and to what extent. At Bryte, we remain committed to the latter.

Determined to succeed

So, while COVID-19 may have blindsided every human being, it has only strengthened our collective resolves. As a business, we have responded through agility, swift adaptations, mindset shifts and innovation in terms of:

How we do things, Where we do them and in some instances, even… Why we do them

Bryte Icons Section 1_Holding Device-21-nov2020

we do things

Bryte Icons Section 1_Holding Device-11-nov2020

we do them

Bryte Icons Section 1_Holding Device-18-nov2020

we do them

We have all realised new benefits that technology affords but equally, have grown to trust and appreciate other uses, much more.

  • Almost overnight, we successfully switched to working remotely and despite a six-fold increase in claims volumes, we have continued to respond, timeously
  • To date, we have paid in excess of 5,225 COVID-19 related claims to the value of almost R200 million
  • Recognising early on the impact of this pandemic on businesses, particularly on those within the hospitality sector, we have extended more than R62.5 million to customers and communities in need

Business developments

New partnerships in 2020

Value for Clients
Customer access to real-time business risk data extraction and analysis for more effective fire risk management
Opportunity to monitor geyser health, proactively flag leaks that could cause damage and extend the lifespan of geysers
PCBS Construction Guarantee
Flexible, packaged solutions for the Construction Guarantee and Construction Insurances as per project specifications
Sapphire Risk Transfer
Aligned to our focus of developing our specialist corporate property portfolio, we recently acquired the controlling stake in Sapphire Risk Transfer. Sapphire will be responsible for the underwriting and reinsurance of our corporate property portfolio from 1 January 2021
Specific to personal lines customers
Legal services with access to some of the finest lawyers available
Risk Solutions International (RSI)
Repair or replacement cover for unforeseen failure on home fixtures and appliances
Access to a complementary suite of customised motor vehicle insurance solutions
Mortgage Guarantee
Product designed to cover the deposit on housing bonds

New offerings

Bryte Life - Launched to provide high quality insurance solutions for underserved citizens

  • Continues to enjoy impressive growth in the funeral insurance segment
  • Two new stores opened at Dobsonville Mall and Alex Mall in September
  • Community radio partnerships engaged

Opportunity through technology

TIA toll-out - We are incredibly proud of the progress we have made in integrating TIA across the business and look forward to delivering a range of additional benefits to our stakeholders as we progressively migrate to this system.

2021 - A sneak peek

While as a global nation, we may have made good progress in responding to this pandemic, it is difficult to predict what the future holds. Despite the uncertainty, as a responsible business, we are committed to playing our part in the recovery and growth of our economy.

So, in 2021, as part of our refreshed strategy, we will:

1 Continue to put people first



  • We remain invested in nurturing an entrepreneurial culture and exploring ways in which to strengthen our value proposition
  • With the safety and wellbeing of our employees being our top priority, where feasible, virtual engagements will continue
  • Where appropriate, employees will continue to work remotely in 2021


Partners and clients

  • We will continue to place service excellence at the forefront ensuring:
    • The highest levels of attention
    • Access to robust, relevant and tailored risk identification and risk mitigation solutions
    • The sharing of compelling insights and foresight
    • More seamless and simplified processes
  • We will look at more ways in which to support the growth of our clients and partners, sustainably

2 Extrapolate more meaningful insights from data

Through your support, our investment into collating data more efficiently and leveraging the insights extrapolated, will continue. Our ambition is for the data to meaningfully influence business decisions and inform more effective ways to serve the dynamic needs of the environment in which our clients operate.

3 Simplify

We are delighted with the success made in migrating to TIA and hope to have our roll-out complete by the end of 2021. We are also excited about the efficiencies and prospects the new system will deliver for our business, your business and that of our clients’.

We look forward to your partnership, support and continued feedback as we navigate ongoing change while remaining focused on mutual growth. We wish you every success in 2021.

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