This page aims to provide a consolidated platform where you can access up-to-date information relating to COVID-19. We urge you and your loved ones to act responsibly at all times for the collective wellbeing of our society. Please exercise caution and diligence and ensure adherence to the applicable COVID-19 safety recommendations. Remember to social distance, practice strict hand hygiene, and wear your mask when in public.

Adjusted Level 1 Lockdown

With effect from Friday, 01 October 2021, South Africa has moved to adjusted Level 1 lockdown. Here is a brief summary of what is applicable/allowed under adjusted Level 1.
1. Curfew
  • A daily, evening curfew is applicable from 00:00 to 04:00.
2. Face masks
  • The use of a face mask in any public space remains mandatory and applies without exception.
3. Alcohol sales
  • The sale of alcohol is permitted until 23:00.
  • Alcohol consumption remains prohibited in public spaces.
4. Gatherings
  • Gatherings are limited to 750 people indoors and 2 000 outdoors, provided this number does not exceed 50% of the total capacity of the venue.
  • Attendance at funerals remains limited to 100 people. Night vigils and after funeral gatherings remain prohibited.
5. Non-essential services
  • Closing times for the following establishments – whether indoors or outdoors is 23:00:
    • Cinemas, theatres, casinos, museums, galleries and archives, public swimming pools, beaches and public parks, game parks, botanical gardens, aquariums and zoos, gyms and fitness centres, restaurants, bars, shebeens, taverns, venues hosting auctions, venues hosting faith-based or religious gatherings as well as social, political, and cultural gatherings.
For more information on the restrictions and the risk adjusted strategy, click here.

Curbing the spread of COVID

Bryte is encouraged by the sustained decrease in infection rates, the momentum the country’s vaccination programme continues to gain and the developments which will see South Africa begin the production of COVID-19 vaccines for the continent. We urge the public to unite in the fight against COVID by adhering to all government directives and guidelines, but by also making informed decisions around whether or not to be vaccinated. In these overwhelming circumstances, it is vital that we continue to share only factual information, to avoid unnecessary panic.

The Bryte family wishes to extend its appreciation to all frontline workers and volunteers for their acts of selflessness, courage and commitment in providing vital services to the public, through these disruptive times.

Bryte business operations and contact information

From an operations perspective, Bryte remains fully operational and accessible on current contact numbers, email addresses and systems. Our offices continue to be accessible for urgent and critical services, until further notice. Our emphasis remains on supporting our partners and customers as effectively and timeously as is possible, in these extraordinary circumstances.

Contact us:

Claims Registration: 0800 112 60

Bryte Assist: 0860 001 121

Important COVID-19 contacts and information links

WhatsApp line and

Bryte Insurance | SA Health

COVID Alert South Africa app

This page aims to provide a consolidated platform where you can access the most up-to-date information relating to COVID and feel empowered to safeguard yourself as well as your loved ones. We urge you and your loved ones to exercise caution, be diligent in adhering to the safety recommendations and be considerate of your fellow citizens.

COVID-19 Vaccine registration website

COVID-19 Vaccination FAQ

WHO – View the website

NICD – View the website

Together with your loved ones, stay healthy and safe.

Bryte matches all COVID-19 donations as employees pledge contributions

Bryte Insurance Company Limited (Bryte) is ramping up its efforts to support the fight against COVID-19. Heeding the call of President Ramaphosa, the company announced that its executive team has pledged to forego a sizeable percentage of their salaries from April to June 2020. Additionally, Bryte has extended this call for financial support to employees across its business.
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