Learnership Programme

The 12-month Bryte Learnership Programme, offered in partnership with INSETA (Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority), focuses on assisting South Africa’s previously disadvantaged youth. Learners gain work-related experience in the short-term insurance industry and are exposed to all areas of business functions. Successful candidates receive full accreditation (a level 4 FETC Short Term Insurance qualification) and become FAIS compliant.

Candidates have the opportunity to develop their skills in technical insurance and insurance systems while they attend sessions focused on behavioural and leadership competencies. Bryte management regards the Learnership Programme as a key economic and social enabler and, as such, personally guide, coach and mentor students throughout the programme.

Candidates should be able to speak at least two languages (with English as an essential language) and need to have passed English and Maths in their Grade 12 year.

Prospective nominees should meet the following criteria:

  • Under the age of 24
  • Previously disadvantaged
  • South African citizen
  • Grade 12 qualification or equivalent
  • Able to communicate (speak, read, write) in English
  • No further qualifications since Grade 12 and not presently studying toward a qualification
  • Not in a financial position to obtain a tertiary qualification

The Bryte Learnership Programme runs in Johannesburg and Durban.